Autumn Exhibitions in Edinburgh and Newcastle

From 6 September - 26 October 2019, I will be exhibiting at Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh.

'Karolina Baines' at Open Eye Gallery

From 6 September - 3 November 2019, I will also be exhibiting at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle as part of the 'Rhythm' exhibition.

'Rhythm' at The Biscuit Factory

Beauty in Interaction

Central to each piece that Karolina designs, is the idea that wearing jewellery is more than a visual experience. Touch, movement and interaction between the wearer and the jewellery are all essential aspects. What we wear can call forward hidden aspects of our personality. With this in mind, Karolina designs jewellery that seeks to evoke a feeling of confidence, strength, sensitivity, serenity or playfulness.

Intricate patterns combined with striking enamels or splashes of gold to create inviting tactile surfaces. Linework and folded forms come together to enhance the bold sculptural character of the jewellery.

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Behind the Jewellery

Karolina’s jewellery is caringly crafted by hand in her Edinburgh studio.  Each design is deeply rooted in the sketchbook process of observation and experimentation.

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