Urban Organics

Our cities are not always the concrete wastelands we imagine them to be. Living in Edinburgh, I have been fortunate to benefit from many green spaces, but in every town, there are those spaces where the urban and the organic inhabit and embrace each other. Life is not only everywhere, but it has the power to transform and inspire. For this series of test pieces, I was particularly drawn to allotments, as spaces where nature has been consciously and conscientiously invited into the urban jungle, creating a fascinating combination of geometric and organic forms that informed the creation of these pieces.

This collection began life as a series of sculptural objects, which I have recently begun to develop into a range of jewellery designs. If you feel drawn to any of the pieces and would be interested in commissioning a bespoke jewellery design based on them, then please do contact me. I would be happy to discuss possibilities for developing these designs.


Urban Explorations

My design work is deeply rooted in the sketchbook process. With pencils and pens, I explore the world and begin to realise my ideas on paper. Below is a selection of images from my work for Urban Organics exploring the allotments and green spaces around Edinburgh.

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